‘One stop’ management service for investors, business and consumers

Hustle free ‘One stop’ management service, representing investors, business and consumers, providing you with ‘peace of mind’ from start to finish.

  • Full research to become familiar with the law, custom and practice
  • Hands on support to establish local entity, management team and project team
  • Wide, deep, and speedy advice to facilitate business decision making
  • Success-oriented professional service available in various fields through “One stop” contact.

UK, Japan and others- Office, Hotel, Retail, Mixed-use

‘Innovative and proven method of ‘ development management’ tailored for development projects

Innovative and proven method of “development management” tailored for development projects, providing you with ‘best value’ through the development life cycle.

  • Investment management- Research, Investment structure, Acquisition , Transaction
  • Development management- Valuation, Planning permit, Rights of Light, Design
  • Project & Construction management- Procurement, Cost estimate, Bid, Contract, Quality control
  • Operation management- Leasing, Maintenance, Tax, Insurance, HR and Management support

UK, Japan and others- Residential, Industrial

“Local” and International “ projects

Local and International approach to projects, offering best mixture of commercial, legal and high technology of risk management to accomplish mission and realise success.

Europe – UK, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Turkey, Russia Industrial & Commercial

United Arab Emirates-Dubai Palm Jumeirah Residential & Resort

Singapore-Ardmore Park Residential & Resort

Japan- Residential & Resort