UK Office

Circle Field Associates Limited

– Registered as a firm regulated by RICS . No 780154


Address: 31 St Mildreds Road, London, UK, SE12 0RD


TEL (Desk): +44-(0)20-8851-6052

TEL (HP): +44-(0)77-1186-0911


Airport: Taxi for 20 minutes from the City Airport

Tube:      Taxi for 20 minutes from Canary Wharf

Train:      Train for 20 minutes from London Bridge Station, Charing Cross                                   Station to Lee station South Eastern Railway.

Walk:      Walk for 5 minutes from Lee Station to the opposite corner of St                                  Mildred Church.


Japan Office

Circle Field Associates First Class Architect

– Registered as a first class architect office.  No. 2020 HA 2262


Address: 12-2 Kita Koriyama, Yamato Koriyama City, Nara, Japan, 639-1160


TEL(Desk): +81-(0)743-53-1438

TEL(HP): +44-(0)77-1186-0911


UAE & Singapore Liaison Office

Please contact UK Office for details